‘Project Pitch It!’ Season 7 highlights exciting innovators

project pitch it logo

Season 7 of “Project Pitch It,” the television show presented by UW-Milwaukee’s Lubar Entrepreneurship Center, aired this spring. The show’s weekly format features entrepreneurs pitching their businesses/products to moguls for one of three awards.

Congrats to all the participants for the experience, exposure and rewards they earned. The Institute for Business & Entrepreneurship is familiar with 13 of them:

$10,000 Project Pitch It Award winners:

  • Stellar Tech Girls (Marina Bloomer) of Middleton, which is an empowering STEM program for girls and non-binary kids ages 9-14
  • Yaya’s Skordalia (Michael Anagnos) of Williams Bay, which has taken a Mediterranean family recipe and used it to start a food manufacturing business
  • Old Fashioned Golf (Kyle Herzog) of Green Bay, which is a company that sells Wisconsin-inspired golf apparel
  • FAVORYT (Amy and Josh Woods) of Green Bay, which is a company selling an all-natural line of hair and skin care products

$5,000 Jendusa/UWM Lubar Entrepreneurship Center Award winners:

  • The Virtual Foundry (Brad Woods) of Stoughton, makes Filament, which turns plastic 3D printers into metal 3D printers
  • Lolly Lolly Ceramics (Lalese Stamps) of Milwaukee, which is a ceramics design and production studio focused on creating objects that are functional, unique and handmade to last
  • Inclusion Coffee (Mackenzie Edinger) of Hartland, which employs individuals living with various disabilities and aims to provide them with a fun yet challenging environment as they master everyday skills
  • Food FiXR (Dr. Grace Hameister) of Milwaukee, which is a health tech company creating an app that helps users find non-toxic, body optimizing foods at the grocery store
  • Wear Tech (Deepak Arora) of Hartland, which aims to disrupt the wearable technology market by providing a way to protect loved ones from preventable accidents

$1,500 We Energies/DNA Award winners:

  • LYNKS, LLC (Camilla Adelman and Jaime Levine) of Oshkosh, whose chunky knit blankets are a modern version of the blankets their grandmothers created for them in the past
  • Colorful Connections (Morgan Phelps) of Milwaukee, which focuses on bolstering its clients’ ability to attract, retain, grow and sustain the work needed to foster an inclusive company culture
  • Flip Outfit (Rachel Dean) of Oshkosh, which is a clothing brand that allows its customers to generate several different types of outfits using one garment
  • LovingKindness Homes (Lakesha Davis) of Mt. Pleasant, which offers safe and affordable housing through its portfolio of rentals

We look forward to continuing to support these exceptional entrepreneurs. And we are thankful to opportunities like Project Pitch It; if you missed your chance to watch Season 7, check out episodes now or catch some of the replays!