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The Business Dynamics Research Consortium’s (BRDC) data is rare and sought-after. Our micro-level data from private companies comes straight from individual businesses. Anyone can access macro-level, publicly available, government-gathered information. We dig deep into what’s driving trends and economic impacts to understand business activity from a highly detailed vantage point. We’re your one-stop-shop for private business data.

Economic development professionals and local government leaders
Diversify markets, target growth opportunities
Tailor business development-based services based on current and anticipated needs

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This innovative way to view business data tracks all establishments – businesses (from sole proprietors to large corporations), nonprofit organizations, schools, farms, government agencies and more, for over 20 years. Our data includes may establishment types that aren’t tracked in public and federal data sources. Information is gathered and verified by marketing firms. BDRC assembles, sorts and verifies historical data with our own algorithms and processes. The resulting time series data shows performance at the level you need to make informed strategic decisions.

BDRC Economic Recovery Report

The BDRC Economic Recovery Report offers an intimate look at the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects in its first year as a baseline and will continue to monitor critical trends on an ongoing basis.

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Custom & Static Applications

How does this data affect your business? What can you do with it? BDRC’s impact can be immediately seen in several websites and practical applications through innovative data filters and visualizations enabling our partners to incorporate the BDRC data into their own custom solutions. BDRC offers several tiers of aggregated data applications to allow you to explore the large establishment Databank in .xlsx or text formats. Additionally, contact BDRC to learn about custom reports that can be pulled for you.

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BDRC is committed to creating data resources and data-driven insights that stimulate research on individual business performance and its impact on overall economic growth.

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Gregg Cole

Director of Research & Technology

The type of project that is most meaningful to Gregg is the kind in which conventional wisdom says it can’t be done. By 2015, Gregg had designed 5 large data driven websites conveniently displaying a broad range of economic data throughout the U.S. for anyone to access, and provided raw establishment data and services to more than 65 researchers from the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Kristi Smith

Manager, Data and Business Development

Kristi enjoys translating complex data into reports that help people take action. She started, grew and sold two businesses and has a particular interest in helping others to understand the opportunities and challenges in our economy.