Wendy Potratz

Financial Consultant

Having been both a small business owner and a former university instructor, Wendy has developed expertise in analyzing financial statements, teaching financial acumen, and providing small business consulting.

Working with Wendy is energizing and collaborative. She is extroverted by nature and strives to bring a dynamic and engaging atmosphere to interactions. She thrives on teamwork and enjoys bouncing ideas off others, making work both productive and enjoyable.

Her favorite aspect of the job is meeting with clients and helping them problem solve. She finds it incredibly rewarding to collaborate with others, understand their challenges, and work together to find creative solutions that make a positive impact.

The most meaningful to Wendy is work that provides a broad positive impact on the greater business community. Contributing to initiatives that have a meaningful and lasting effect beyond an individual business adds an additional layer of satisfaction for Wendy.

While being a grandma is probably her favorite hobby, she also enjoys camping, kayaking, and bike riding. Additionally, she is passionate about her work with the not-for-profit community. It feels wonderful to be able to volunteer her professional skills to help these vital organizations to thrive within communities.

  • MBA – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
  • BBA Accounting – University of Wisconsin Oshkosh

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