Lora Bray

Outreach Learning Manager

Lora enjoys business research and business writing; she has taught information studies topics at the undergraduate and graduate level. She has also facilitated career development and networking opportunities through volunteer work at the Special Libraries Association (SLA), an association for information professionals.

She is a collaborative person who enjoys brainstorming and sharing ideas.  Lora values her coworkers’ feedback and strives to make her individual work contribute to collective goals. She approaches her job with enthusiasm; a creative, growth mindset and a desire to learn with and from colleagues.

Learning something new is an important aspect of Lora’s job. She loves to learn and share research findings in a way that helps people discover what influences their own work, provokes thoughts about how to best respond to these influences and inspires conversation that builds collaborative relationships. Most of all, she appreciates growing her own understanding as she assists others. She feels change is constant and it is important to be open to it and know what prompts it.

In general, she likes to help others reach their project or career goals. Their objectives or needs may vary, but she strives to provide solid data and helpful resources for good decision making. She finds it rewarding to save others time and contribute to their success by providing timely information.

In her free time, Lora especially likes to cook, garden, travel and write. She also likes trying new hobbies, especially outdoors. She recently discovered she enjoys snowshoeing and that her golf game needs some work!  It’s also fun for Lora to spend time with furry friends: she can often be found walking her dog or enjoying the (mostly) dignified company of her Siamese cats.

  • Master of Arts—Library and Information Studies, Northern Illinois University
  • Bachelor of Arts—English, UW-Stevens Point


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