Ideadvance Seed Fund pursues past and present UW System colleagues

MADISON, Wis. – Innovators with current or past ties to the UW System are invited to apply to the Ideadvance Seed Fund with business ideas that could contribute to Wisconsin’s “knowledge economy.

Navigating the New Economy means growing what we have and need

RICHLAND CENTER — Wisconsin has a lot going for it — in some cases even more than people think — so understanding and helping local economies thrive is key to our future.

Transforming innovative UW System ideas into new businesses: $200,000 awarded by Ideadvance Seed Fund

MADISON – Up to $200,000 in grants will be awarded to five small businesses in the latest round of awards in the Ideadvance program fostering the entrepreneurship ecosystem across Wisconsin.

Ideadvance Seed Fund now open to many UW System alumni

  MADISON, Wis. – Innovators from across the UW System with a business idea that could contribute to Wisconsin’s “knowledge economy” are invited to apply for the Ideadvance program.