Sophia Barry: Entrepreneur finds success in triplicate

sophia with jason

Sophia Barry uses SBDC training and consulting to start 3 successful businesses.

NOHR, LLC: Quality, service and delivery


Jim Nohr expands the family business offering quality tooling and prototype casting.

Brodhead Health & Fitness: Friendly faces, healthy bodies


Heather Chojnacki’s friendly, local fitness center offers unique services.

Twisted Pastries: Baking and Brewing Up Happiness

TP storefront dark

Annette Jacobson and her husband, Mark, bring unique cupcakes baked in-house to their Superior coffee shop.

Clink! LLC: Crafting Experiences and Start-up Success


Courtney Janson and Mike Weber open a first-of-its-kind, do-it-yourself craft studio!

IFLEED: Creating Enthusiasm for STEAM Learning

class of children - client photo

Shanti Ayyadhury launches a unique, interactive program to help children prepare for careers in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Julian Family Farm: Growing through Diversification

three horses pulling Jason on manure spreader

Katrina and Jason Julian expanded their organic, grass-fed beef business by diversifying their marketing channels and partnering with a local grocer.